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I know I haven't written for a few months, but I've been busy. I had a big math test today, and whoever made that thing up should be forced to sit through one. Designing a space station that could actually go into space has been taking up a lot of my energy. Meh. I played a terrific joke on my teacher this morning. I told her all about how "eco-friendly" products were causing green pollution. You should have seen her face! But alas, my dear readers, most of you are most likely in California, Alabama, or Maine right now, and you have no idea what that looked like.  Melissa wore the dorkiest high pigtails today. Congratulations, you just won the " Lamest Hairstyle" award. Sorry, no cash prizes. Just recognition from yours truly on her blog. Not that it's the highest honor, but close enough, right peoples? Gone with the Wind is proving more interesting with each passing chapter. I wonder if Scarlett will ever tell Ashley that she likes him. Actually, I'm going to go find a cherry coke and orange muffins so that I can sit in my closet and read some more chapters. Ciao!
I is bored.
Yesterday I went to the beach with  Jamie, ha ha to all of you who didn't come, we went boogie boarding. And the snack bar was okay too, ha ha. No good waves though, and that's all I have to say.
Got rid of those bitchy lemons yesterday, they looked stupid. The weather is getting even hotter, one of these days we're all going to burn up. My leg isn't much better, boo. A finished Pollyanna last night. I can do my book report on her. She shouldn't have had to be paralyzed in the end, though. My teacher told us on the last day that we have to keep journals over the summer, but she can just look at my blog if she wants proof. Anyway, she's leaving this year, thank god. Bye Bye.
Hullo, everyone. I welcome myself back. Not very much new stuff is going on, if you don't call the heat rise new. Which it isn't. Have you tried vanilla madelines? You should, they are very nice. I shall demand my father to get more so that I can have a perfect breakfast all week. Played tennis today. It really isn't that difficult( unless the ball hits an old man on the head- awkward questions!!!!!!!) I won five games- new record!


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